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The Races


Events offered: 

  • The Maximum Challenge

  • Half Marathon for inlines and Quads!!!

  • Quads races

  • Kids races

  • 5k recreational skate  non timed event  Will be the last race of the day. 


Half Marathon Inlines 

  • Boys and girls 12 and under

  • Men and women 13 & up

  • Men and women 30 & up

  • Men and women 45 & up 


Half Marathon Quads

  • Boys and girls 13 & under

  • Men and women 14 & up


Maximum Challenge​

  • 7 & 8 year old girls and boys          100m, 1 lap, 2 laps, 4 lap

  • 9 & 10 year old girls and boys        100m, 1 lap,  3 laps, 5 lap

  • 11 to 13 year old girls and boys      100m, 2 laps, 5 laps, Half-marathon

  • 14 & up ladies and men                  100m, 3 laps,  8 laps, Half-marathon

  • 26 & up ladies and men                  100m, 3 laps,  8 laps, Half-marathon

  • 35 & up ladies and men                  100m, 3 laps,  8 laps, Half-marathon

  • 45 & up ladies and men                  100m, 3 laps,  8 laps, Half-marathon

  • 55 & up ladies and men                  100m, 3 laps,  8 laps, Half-marathon

  • 65 & up ladies and men                  100m, 3 laps,  8 laps, Half-marathon

Cross category and gender drafting is allowed, if any races are ran together.

Kids Races  inline & quads 100m, 1 lap, 2 lap (ages 6 and under)

Quad Races 100m, 1 lap, 2 lap​

  • Boys and girls 7 -13

  • Men and ladies 14 & up

  • Men and ladies 35 & up 



Races will be held rain or shine.  Flooding of the loop (very rare but possible if multiple days of hard rain) we do have 2 other planned routes in other parts of Bear Creek Park to use if pavilion 7 & 8 area floods. This area is the first to flood and it  is where the water collects and runs to when we do get some rain.   Due to the nature of putting on outdoor inline races where most costs are non-refundable and paid well in advance, no refunds due to Mother Nature’s fury will be possible.  March is the third driest month and average temperature; Low 55 and High 76.  



You will pick up your timing chips at check in.  You will be wearing the same chip for all races.  All chips are pre-checked prior to the race and will read each of your laps and splits, however, SKATERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING CORRECT COUNT OF THEIR LAPS.  It is perfectly acceptable and encouraged to have a spectator or coach you trust to help you keep track.  We will have a lap counter for the lead skater/pack.  Do not cross the timing wires or come close to them at any non-race time.  Never turn around and skate against traffic.  If you do not wish to circle the entire loop after a race, there is a sidewalk to the left of the course that runs to the restrooms then and the other side of the start line.  


Day of Race
Check in will begin at 7:00 am and end at 7:45 am on Saturday March 26th arrive earlyRegistration will end on Friday March 25th at Noon, there will be no late registrationSunday March 27th check in will begin at 6:15 am and close at 7:00 am firmNo exceptions will be possible.  Awards will be held at the end of each day.  Remember to stay loose and limber between races in addition to hydrating and refueling your body.  


HELMETS ARE REQUIRED TO RACE. No exceptions. Wrist, elbow, and knee are strongly encouraged.  No headphones of any kind will be allowed.  Any skater found racing with headphones even if the device is not turned on will be disqualified and given NO REFUND of any kind. Safety first.


Course Etiquette – Slower skaters (skaters not in the lead pack) should stay to the right side of the course to allow faster skaters who can reach speeds over 30 mph to safely pass on the left.   Skaters who are passing should  announce themselves prior to overtaking slower skaters. 


Races will begin at 8:00 on Saturday March 26th, Sunday March 27th the half-marathon will start at 7:15 am and the 5k fun skate will start at 9:30am.  Skaters should pay attention to announcements. We will try to have copies of race day schedule will be posted at the main pavilion, however, events may run a bit ahead of or behind schedule.


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